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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Best of the Best

Today, I stumbled across an article online titled "15 Things College Friends Teach Us

The title intrigued me, so I read on. Yes, I'm a sap and yes it did make me tear up, because I'm 2,995 miles away from my best friends and I miss them all terribly.

I remember someone once told me that the friends you make in college are going to be the friends you remember and stick with for the rest of your life. I can not even explain how true that turned out to be, especially for me. 

Making friends is hard, especially if you're as socially awkward as I am. Going to college was the scariest thing for me, luckily I had a boyfriend at the time that helped ease the transition. But it wasn't soon after that I realized all I needed to be happy and comfortable at school and in life was to find amazing friends and stick by them through everything. At the beginning of my freshman year, I felt out of place and alone, I didn't have many friends that I felt 100% comfortable around and it was hard for me to break out of my shell. I never wanted to be at school, which made it that much harder to make friends. By the end of that year, I didn't want to leave school, or my friends. I had made such close friends that the idea of being away from them, even just for the summer, killed me. Although some friends have come and gone since freshman year, I still find myself with a lot of the same friends and some amazing new ones. 

The beginning of my junior year (aka this year) was a scary one. First time being single in college, after spending half my summer alone in my bed (I have no social life, it's fine), scared the shit out of me. I didn't know what to expect when starting school again. I was scared, excited and more or less freaking out about every little thing possible. Luckily for me, I lived with my best friend last year and got to live with her again this year. Having the comfort of a best friend in your own space is better than anything (except pizza, not gonna lie). Little did I know, I would become so much closer to all my friends this past semester. 

I was going through a lot when school started this September, I was a mess, I was a bitch, I cried like every night the first week back, and I'm damn sure I was a lot to handle. Yet, through all of that, my friends stood by my side. That is when I knew I had made the best friends possible and was a hell of a lot luckier than anyone else (cuz my best friends are better than yours, sorry). Leaving for the semester to go abroad was a bittersweet feeling. I was so excited to be able to have such an amazing opportunity, but so scared to leave my friends behind. Not only was I worried that they would forget about me, or replace me, I was also worried I wouldn't make any friends while in Ireland (not to mention I hadn't been away from my friends for this long in a while).  

Boy was I wrong, I have been in Ireland for less than a month and I have made some unbelievable connections with so many people here. I am so blessed to have the friends that I have in my life. They are becoming more than just friends, they are my second family (that was really cheesy, my apologies).

The thing that stood out the most to me in this article was #13: "Relationships come and go. Some come and linger. If you think you're going to survive a heartbreak without friends who are ready to be selflessly giving but brutally honest with you, you are sorely mistaken my friend." 

So for all my friends that I hope get to read this (you know who you are) thank you for everything, thanks for being you, the best friends I could ask for and thank you for making me a better person than I ever wished I could be.

Onward and upward my friends,

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